27 maj, 2020

50. The legend of the wounded healer

It’s more then 10 years ago I heard of the legend of the wounded healer and it deeply touched my heart. It was before my own traumatic accident but somehow it got woven into the core of my being. In the Greek mythology the legend has it the centaur Chiron was being poisoned with an incurable arrow by Hercules. It was in his own hurt that gave him the measure to heal.

That strikes me of the importance of being able to look deeply into our own pain and hold it before we can be safe containers for other’s pain. My journey has taken me through some of the most horrific deserts and wild storms of my own inner landscape. My hope is that by meeting my own inner cries in the depth and holding my own inner child I also have the capacity to hold space for that pain in my fellow man. For me this is my sacred mission given to me at this point in my life. Nothing fills me with more meaning and reverence then to be able to guide people into the treacherous waters of the frozen and tight places of their bodies and submerge with more aliveness. In Chiron I found an archetype that can guide me on my way and understand the mission that calls me. In this I also have to stay intimate with my own wounds and always be willing to look deeper and beyond and let myself be humbled by life.